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Activities @ Ystwyth GCN

Here at the Nursery we believe in FUN. Fun for kids, for grown ups and most of all, the young-at-heart! We are introducing a number of fairly unique activities geared for all ages - you'd be hard-pressed to find these elsewhere! While none of these are specifically gardening-related, why not take a look and see if there's something here that takes your fancy? :D

For-The-Kids & Family Fun

Little Lambs Yarn Crafts

With the Welsh summer always a mite unpredictable we thought it'd be a great idea to offer a unique way to entertain kids of all ages with a craft that is NOT pottery painting... Not to say there's anything wrong with pottery painting - it saved a few holidays of our own! But getting fragile pottery home when you have a long drive ahead with a loaded car can be a challenge...  Read More!

Outdoor Games

(Ages 3 and up)

Come and play on the green here at the nursery! We have badmington, corn toss, tin-can alley and even suction-cup archery! At just £1 per person for a full hour's play on any/all of these games, you can't lose ;)

Please note that this on first-come first-served basis and waiting times may be a while on busy days.

Axe Throwing 

(Ages 12 and up - coming soon!)

Channel your inner Red Indian and have a go at throwing a real tomohawk with local expert Kevin Harrington. Bookings required with a non-refundable 50% deposit - please get in touch here to enquire.


£12.50 per person for a 1 hour session.

Max group size per hour: 4 people

For The (Slightly More) Grown-ups

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