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Mini Alpine Pottery Garden Workshop

Please note: we currently have not set dates for this workshop, however if you would like to do the class please email us with your proposed date and time and we'll do whatever we can to accommodate you ;)

Come along and make your very own gorgeous

mini alpine pottery garden!

Choose from a selection of beautiful pottery from the

world-class Penrhiw Pottery (based in Ystumtuen) and design your own stunning mini alpine garden. However, if you have a special piece of pottery you would like to use instead, we have a reduced-price option just for you! See below.

Where: Here at the nursery - click here for our location and a map

Cost: £15 per person (or £10 if you have a piece of pottery you'd like to bring along to plant up :)

Availability: 10 spaces per date/time

What's involved?

You will be instructed on how to propagate alpines, pot them into your chosen piece of pottery, and how to care for them when you take them home.


It will be assumed that you are completely new to alpines so fear not! They are easy to look after and provide year-round interest, as well as make wonderful gifts (especially for those who have little time to care for plants!). 

What you'll get:

  • Piece of pottery of your choosing from a small selection 

  • Soil and gravel

  • Alpine plants to choose from

  • full instruction on how alpines grow, how to propagate them, and what to do when your mini garden outgrows its pot! Includes a take-home instruction sheet.

  • Mister bottle to take home so you can give your garden the right amount of water easily

  • Free tea or coffee (and a pack of biscuits, because what's tea without a biscuit right?)

To book your space click on the requisite PayPal button below, or feel free to pop into the nursery if you'd prefer :)


Note: If you are paying by PayPal please ensure you include a message for which date/time you are booking. 

Pottery Included: £15.00

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Bring Your Own Pottery: £10.00

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