Household Fuel Products

Homfire ecoal50
  • Made from 50% renewable materials 

  • Burns hotter and longer than basic housecoal

  • Has almost zero smell

  • 80% less smoke than housecoal

10gk bag ~ Introductory Price


Brazier Multi-Purpose Fuel
  • Burns hotter than standard housecoal

  • Smokeless fuel suitable for smoke-controlled zones

  • Great value for money

20kg bag ~ £7.99

CPL Small Anthracite Nuts
  • For cookers, room heaters and boilers

  • Naturally smokeless fuel

  • Long lasting 

  • Extra large bag

25kg bag ~ £12.99

Homefire Heat Logs
  • Shimada-style logs made from natural wood

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Easy to break up and light - great for creating a hot bed for hardwood logs or a coal fire

10kg bag ~ £4.99

Cut Wood

Stock Image - not actual product

Locally Sourced Wood Logs
  • Large net bags of seasoned wood from a local tree farm

  • Net bags contain around 9-11 med/large logs


Net bag ~ £3.75

Kiln-dried Kindling
  • Great quality kindling in large bags from the same farm as the logs

  • Easy to light and burns well

Net bag ~ £3.00

Homefire Twizlers
  • Long-burning firelighters made from wood wool and wax

  • Smokeless and odourless

  • Burns for around 7-10mins, great for getting a good fire established quickly and easily

  • Very eco-friendly

300g bag ~ £2.25

Homefire Fibre Lighters
  • Smokeless, odourless and very easy to light

  • Eco-friendly and petrol-free

  • Great for home fires and barbecues 

Pack of 28 cubes ~ £1.15

Homefire Firelighters
  • Classic firelighters 

  • Easy to break up and crumble

  • Fast-lighting

Pack of 12 cubes ~ £1.15

Free Delivery Within 5miles

Order your coal and fuel products by 12noon for same-day delivery and by 5pm for next day delivery.


Cash and card accepted at your door.


Deliveries are subject to weather conditions ~ if you know we're heading for bad weather please don't wait to order your fuel until you've run out as we may not be able to get to you.