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Corporate (Business - 2 - Business) Plantings

We believe you can always get another chance at a first impression - which is why we want to help all local businesses embrace living flora (and the resultant fauna it attracts!) into their businesses!


A beautifully planted window box or a couple of hanging baskets is a really simple way to jazz up the site and show people you care - and we can do as little or as much of the work for you as you'd like (then all you have to do is water them ;)


To view options available please click here.

See below for our recent Corporate Plantings Galleries (Click on the images to see them full-sized :)

Zac & Zoe at the Bottle & Barrel needed plants for their beer garden that gets very little sunlight.
We helped them with choosing plants that would suit the conditions, keep them within or under budget, be very easy to maintain, and also work with their "tropical/jungle" theme :) 
They chose handmade wooden planters built by a local craftsman, and we planted them up for them under the One & Done plan. They also bought a few of our unique, potted alpine cups for the lounge area :D
We highly recommend a visit - not just to admire the plants but to have a pint of on-tap Welsh craft beer of course!
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