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Corporate Plantings Options

Don't be afraid to dream big and be imaginative! 

There's a plant for every condition, theme, or purpose. So jot down some ideas and chat to us - it'll likely be more affordable than you'd think ;)

Want plants that will provide cut flowers for your tables? Done. Want plants that will just look amazing with no tending other than watering? Done. Want plants that come back each year or are simply evergreen in nature? Done!

We have several options available to Corporate clients as listed below (please note that we do not supply landscaping services but certainly can refer you to a trusted company should you need it). We offer monthly or annual payment options for longer-term packages, and are happy to work with you to provide just what you want and need, within or under budget.

Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch and discuss your needs :)

One & Done

Tell us what you want done, along with your budget, site conditions and any special themes/considerations you may want taken into account, and we'll get to work!

Charges will apply for the cost of plants and tubs/baskets/planters (if applicable), as well as for the compost and planting at a set rate of £6.50 per container (very large / small containers may adjust this cost). 


The responsibility of the plants then falls to your business. We are always happy to supply as-needed support or refreshing of the containers :)

Seasonal Plantings and Special Holiday Plantings

If you already have containers but would like to keep them up-to-date with the seasons, we can supply plants at the beginning of each season (or whenever you would like them changed) at the same basic rate listed above under the One-and-Done package.

These can include any Special Holiday Plantings such as

  • Winter / Christmas Special (featuring mini Christmas trees, winter-flowering pansies/violas, primulas/polyanthus, heather etc),

  • Spring / Easter Special (featuring flowering bulbs and early flowering annuals like sweet william, wallflowers and bellis daisies) and

  • Summer Glory Special (mix of annual bedding/basket plants that will flower all through the summer months)


All chosen based on your site conditions and budget to fit perfectly and provide long-lasting value.

Maintenance Package

No time to dead-head your baskets or feed your flowers? If all you can manage is watering them, we can provide a bi-weekly service where we'll pop round and maintain your planters from as little as £4 per week, including feeding any plants that need it with a people&planet friendly plant food, topping up compressed compost, dead-heading flowers and generally sprucing things up!


Charges will be based on how far you are from us, how many containers you have and how many times you may want them tended. Replanting of containers will be done at the standard rate mentioned above in the One-and-Done package.

Get In Touch!

Thanks for your message! We'll be in touch soon to discuss your needs and get an estimate drafted for your consideration :) 

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