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Ystwyth Garden Nursery Shop - Sweet Pea Everlasting Mix
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Ystwyth Garden Nursery Market Garden
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What's New in 2022?

Reduced Plastics

We've changed the packaging of some of our plants to recycled, reduced-plastic cells, which means more plants for you in less plastic packaging! We have also changed our picture cards to make them easy to snap a photo of while you're in store, so that there's plastic in the tags going into the pots.

Growing More From Seed

We're growing almost all our plants from seed this year, so you can be assured they'll perform better & longer than most imported plants that have been forced and then then refrigerated in transit, leading to weak & unhappy plants. This means great prices for you, hardy plants for your garden & best of all - less carbon emissions for our beautiful home planet!

Brand Spanking New Catalogue!

We are thrilled to present you with our first ever Official Catalogue - it was a labour of love and devotion and we are certain you will love flipping through it on your phone or tablet. Alongside the catalogue we have a downloadable exel spreadsheet with the order form for you to either fill it out and email back over, or print and post to us. We intend to have hard-copy catalogues available by the time we release our next one in the late summer, but in the meantime if you really need a

hard-copy of this one, we can print one and post it to you for just £1.50 to cover printing and postage costs - email us

to request one. 

About Us

Ystwyth GCN is a young, family-run nursery nestled into the beautiful Welsh Cambrian mountains.


Our ethos is simple: organically grow a business with the whole community in mind. 

Read more about us here.

Events & Workshops

This is something we are considering bringing back for the summer and into 2023 

If you are a local crafter and would like a stall join out Facebook group or Email us at

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