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I have ordered plants, how do I book a collection? 


You should have received a Confirmation Email which will prompt you to book your collection with a link to do so. Alternatively you can book a collection here: Book Online


how to use Pot My Basket, Tub, Window box


Select the Pot my Basket, Tub, Window Box select the size and add to cart.. Then you will need to add plants to the cart as meany as you would like in the container you can add notes at the check out for what plants you would like in what container or leave blank and let us surprise you.


Where are the tomatoes 


its been a slow start to the year, (2020) they are coming. because we dont force our plants they take a bit longer.

we are investing in new Equipment for next year to help shorten the growing gap as we are about 2 week behind. 


Are You Peat Free


Yes we are. all our site grown plants are peat free. plants that coming from other nursery's may not be. but we do use welsh grown plants and uk we dont import plants unless asked to. we however can not answer for other Nursery's 

Q.5 i would like to add to my order to collect at the same time.

A.5 if you make an order and forgot something that is not a problem. drop us a mail with the 2 order numbers (100XX) 

as we can have them both for collection

Q.6 Can you bring me my plant babies 


A.6 We Do not offer this at the moment but please Email us any way. we can deliver in some circumstance to those that are Isolating 

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