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If you know anything at all about the cut-flower trade, you'll know it's about as beneficial to people, planet and pollinators as the average doughnut...


From vast mono-culture crops eroding huge areas of soil, enormous quantities of chemical control employed to produce perfect blooms, silver nitrate to preserve them during their round-the-world refrigerated flight, low wages and awful working conditions for the growers and on and on... Well, we think we can do a lot better than that to get a bunch of beautiful flowers to your table!

Not only can we grow a huge range of gorgeous flowers here in Wales (okay, you won't likely get strelitzias or orchids but stay with us) the flowers we can grow will be so fresh they will grow in the vase and last for a much longer time than store bought flowers, they will smell amazing, be something truly special and different to the mass-produced gerberas and crazy rainbow-dyed confections AND keep your nose out of nasty chemicals when you dip in to take a sniff!

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