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Little Lambs Yarn Crafts
Surprise yourself with what EWE can do!

With the Welsh summer always a mite unpredictable we thought it'd be a great idea to offer a unique way to entertain kids of all ages with a craft that is NOT pottery painting... Not to say there's anything wrong with pottery painting - it saved a few holidays of our own! But getting fragile pottery home when you have a long drive ahead with a loaded car can be a challenge.

And when in Wales, what could be better than learning a fun new skill using wool and yarn as the main components?

These crafts include all the materials you need to make your chosen item. You get to choose every colour of yarn and each and every bead or charm to add to it. They're really easy to learn but look very impressive when done!

Crafts currently on offer (with more to come - check back soon or

Like our Facebook page for updates!):

Wall hangings (Ages 5 and up)

Create your very own beautiful and unique wall hanging! You'll learn how to do the Lark's head knot and you can even add beads or charms to make even more special. You'll get a wooden dowel, 7 colours of yarn of your choosing and full instructions on how to make it from start to finish. (Example shown by Leela, aged 9)

Basic wall hanging: £6.00 per person

Beads & charms: 50p

Weaving (Ages 5 and up)

Your finished masterpiece can be used for just about anything - as a placemat, a bowl cosy (for pasta nights with a movie) or even made into a different type of wall hanging! You'll get a special re-usable weaving board with instruction sheet, a yarn needle and get 7 colours of yarn of your choice, with beads/charms as an optional extra.

Basic weaving: £5.50 per person

Beads & charms: 50p 


Jewellery Making (Ages 3 and up)

Necklaces, bracelets and anklets, oh my! Make any one of these items or all 3 for a matching set at a discount. Beads, stretchy cord and charms all included in the price. For an additional £2 per item, older kids (12 and up) can opt for proper metal findings (clasps, chain etc) and glass beads. (Example shown by Leela, aged 9)

Necklace: £3.50

Bracelet:  £1.50                

Anklet:     £2.00

Or do all three for £6! (£12 for glass & metal jewellery) 

Party Bookings!

We also welcome small party bookings with up to 8 people crafting - please book in advance by contacting us here (please provide as much detail of your requirements as possible, including a proposed date and number of children).


Cost of parties will be the cost of the chosen craft plus £3.50 per person. A non-refundable 50% deposit is payable on booking, with the balance due no less than 3 days prior to the party. 


Here's what's included in your party booking (and what isn't - though of course we will try to help out with whatever else you need for an agreed additional cost, just let us know ;):


~ All craft materials for designated craft for number of people crafting

~ Unlimited squash or water, teas & coffees half price :)

~ Party bags (eco-friendly brown paper bag, related craft materials, small selection of sweets). You are welcome to supply stickers to be added to the bags ahead of time and bags will suitably sized for the addition of cake slices or any other items you wish to include.

NOT Included:

~ Party food or cake (but you are welcome to bring your own or we're happy to supply these at an additional cost based on your requirements)

~ Decorations (but again, you are welcome to bring your own! We are happy to help with setting up should you need a hand :)