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The Ystwyth Market Garden

Rethinking Our Approach 

After a few years of owning the nursery and learning how to make the best use of the land to provide what our community wants and needs as well as to grow the business sustainably, we have had a good long look at the space available and what our next steps should be.


There was a market garden here before we took it over and we have always wanted to start it back up, but the time has always been "somewhere down the road" as we were finding our feet and learning to grow in this climate and environment. The market garden was always next to the large poly tunnel, and we had heard it was very time consuming to manage and the slugs were always out in force. 

The first question we asked was "Do we want to take up such a large space?" as it's quite daunting looking at 1500 square meters of space that will need weeding, watering and maintaining. Our next question was "What do we grow in that space?" and so on. We decided that the better use of that space over time was to add additional smaller poly tunnels as we expand the nursery, and move the market garden down to the middle section of the land where we have a small poly tunnel that's never been utilised to its full potential, and could create a more structured and manageable growing environment. 

We have done most of the work over the past year to enable us to get started growing and selling vegetables, strawberries & tomatoes to our community this year - exciting times! And of course, everything grown on site will be raised organically, free from chemicals and utilising natural pest controls such as companion planting. Well, you may end up with the odd bug in your lettuce...  that is a free-bee on us :) Just goes to show its good for you!

We believe that now more than ever, it's essential that we all start to be more self-sufficient and to source our food and anything else we can locally. With the global situation looking a little more precarious every day, we need to insulate ourselves by doing whatever we can to reduce our reliance on supermarket chains and the global supply chain in general, and the good news is that it's easy to do!


We have a wealth of local producers on our doorsteps that sell anything from cheese to Christmas trees, so taking advantage of that should become a priority for us. Not only would we be supporting local businesses, but we would reduce the environmental impact of our purchases significantly. So, whether you grow your own veg entirely, or grow what you can and source the rest locally, every bit helps and provides peace of mind in troubled times. 


As soon as we have veg available to sell we will notify you via email newsletter and on facebook, so if you haven't yet, please do join us there! You can sign up to our newsletter using the form below and visit our facebook page by clicking on the icon at the top of the page. As we're just getting started, supply will be limited and will be on a first-come-first-served basis, so keep your eyes peeled ;)


Now let's all cross our fingers for a good growing season!   

2022 Market Garden List 

Strawberry's 250g STC

Ground Grown (No Dig, No Chemicals) 


Cabbage April Spring/ Early Durham

Green Dwarf Kale (if the Slugs don't Finish it)

Blue Kale 

Brussel Sprouts



Broad Beans

Sweet Corn 

Sweet Corn Mini Pops

Tomato's / Peppers

Gardeners Delight

Money Maker 


Sweet Red Peppers


Long Green and Yellow things


Yellow Courgettes 


Lettice / Gem / Butter Head / Leaf

Beat Root

Spring Onions


Root Veg




Paisley, Basil ( Sweet, Red) , Mint (Peppermint, Apple), Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Cutting Celery, Coriander, Chives, Garlic Chives, Lemon Balm, Lime Balm, Dill, Fennel



Flashy Lighting

Butter Heads Lettice 

(We Use Organic Practices and only Organic Plant Feeds in the Market garden and Hydroponics)

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