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Mobile Plant Nursery

1st Run Wednesday 27thOctober 21

27th oct 21 r1.jpg
10rd nov 21 r3.jpg

Run 1, 10th Nov

Run 3, 17th Nov

Help Spared the word, you can down load a flyer to email about or print a poster to stick up or email us and we are happy to post or deliver a pre printed pack to pass around 


As an additional service to our community we are considering starting up a mobile nursery - and we'd like your input please!

Essentially, we intend to bring a car full of plants to a village to allow those who might not be able to get to us (or get here when we are open) to buy some plants. All you need to do is grab some plant-loving friends to join you and we will do the rest!

We intend to visit local villages on a bi-weekly basis. We will let you know what area we will be in the week before - notifications will be sent out via Facebook as well as email.

We can’t fit all the plant babies in our car, but you can place an order on the webshop up to 9:00pm the day before we are due to arrive in your area and we will bring it along for you.

Any one who would like to offer their driveway or car park as a meeting point for the Mobile Plant Nursery, we are happy to provide a 10% off discount on the day we park up. )

Any Information Provided is used by YstwythGCN and NOT sold or used for any purpose other than research by us at the Nursery. Thank you!  

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