Plant Order & Collection Service

Due to current concerns re: COVID-19 our opening & operating procedures in the Nursery have been altered. Please click here for more info.

Due to current legislation re Covid-19 we are now CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. We are, however still offering an order&collect service with zero-contact measures, so we can keep everyone safe while still enabling you to grow a beautiful and productive garden. 
UPDATE: April 11th
We are experiencing a very high volume of orders (relatively speaking for our little Nursery!) at the moment and for that reason we are suspending new orders between the 13th and 20th of April so we can catch up, get our webshop fully updated and, of course, pot on all our plant babies! 
We have removed the availability lists from this page as we are unable to keep them sufficiently up to date right now. Everything will be added to the webshop as fast as we can get it on there, but of course if there's anything you need that you can't see please do get in touch.
It may take us a little while to get back to you, but we promise we will. Thanks for your patience and for being awesome as we've been navigating these uncharted waters!
Vegetable & Herb Plants:
In the document below (which serves as a self-calculating order form as well!) we have listed all the varieties of veg we have growing in the Nursery, with many organic options available. Just fill in the number of plants you want, your contact details and return it to us via email. Please just remember to save your order form under the "SAVE AS" function and add your SURNAME to the document name before returning it to us.
Once your order is placed we will send you an invoice which you can then pay via Bank Transfer. Once your payment is made we will get your order ready for you to collect at your convenience - we'll arrange with you a time-slot to collect from the car-park.
This way we can ensure zero-contact and controlled hygiene standards.
Plants are provided in the pot size or cell-tray listed in the form. Availability terms, as listed in the
"READY?" column, are to be interpreted as follows:
~ Now: these plants are ready for sale now, but may need to stay in their pots a little longer before planting out.
~ Soon: plants are currently not ready but will be soon - check back soon! Alternatively you may pre-order these along with any others that are ready now, but you may have to wait a bit to collect these varieties.
~ Sown: these plant varieties have been sown, but have not yet germinated or are still very small. If you put a number in the "QTY REQ'D" column, we will not charge you for these but will note your requirement for when they are ready and will contact you.
We grow all our veg plants organically with no use of chemicals and in high-quality, organic, peat-free compost (FertileFibre brand), however we can only vouch for the cleanliness of seed itself where it states that the variety is ORGANIC. We do not claim Organic Status yet, but hope to achieve this in the future.
Veg Availability & Order Form

This availability form is temporarily unavailable - sorry! Please check our webshop regularly for veg plants that are ready now. Email us if you need to :)

Perennial, Rockery & Alpine and Bedding & Basket Plants:
As with our Vegetable Plants, the same type of form is used for the current stock we have in the nursery for all our ornamental plants, as well as the seeds we have sown for this year. Please do check back often as we will update this list frequently. Where small quantities are showing as available we recommend you get in touch first to ensure it's still available before placing your order :) 
Ornamentals Availability & Order Form

This availability form is temporarily unavailable - sorry! Please check our webshop regularly for plants that are ready now. Email us if you need to :)

Melcourt Sylvagrow Peat-Free Compost
We Have Stopped Taking Pre-Orders for Compost 
We are currently out of stock! :(  
We have placed an order for more compost but there is currently a 3 week delay on deliveries.
Thanks for your patience :)