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Plant Pre-order & Collection Service

For our Allotment-Lovers, Hippie Homesteaders and Self-Sufficient Superheroes who prefer NOT to grow from seed...
We know that growing from seed can be a challenge, and that buying plug plants online may not enable you to get the quantity or variety you specifically want. So we hope to make things easier for you by offering a pre-order service to our self-sufficient friends, allowing us to grow only what you want - saving time, money and resources and eliminating wasted plants that simply end up on the compost pile :( 
In the document below (which serves as a self-calculating order form as well!) we have listed not only the varieties of veg we'll be growing for retail in our nursery, but also some that we could grow just for you - with organic options wherever possible. Just fill in the number of plugs you want, your contact details and return it to us via email. Simples ;)
Once your order is placed you will need to pay a deposit of 50% of the total order before we can sow your plugs. The balance is payable on collection of your order. If for any reason all or part of your order should fail, you will be refunded in full or in part depending on the circumstances. But we're pretty confident that unless we have a severe and sudden weather shift, your order should progress along without any hitches ;)
Plants are provided in plugs sized to match the plant - not to keep costs down - so you can be sure that if you order 10 broadbean plants, you will get 10 broadbean plants in 9cm pots, and if you order cabbage plugs they will be in small multi-cell trays. Our aim is to always provide the most sturdy and hardy plugs possible, not coddling them too much but allowing them to grow slowly and in accordance with their natural biological timing. Your plugs will be deemed ready to be collected once they have filled their cells, have a healthy head of leaves with no signs of disease or deformity, and are ready to be potted on.
We grow all our veg (indeed all our PLANTS) organically with no use of chemicals and usually in peat-free compost, however we can only vouch for the cleanliness of seed itself where it states that the seed is ORGANIC. 
And of course, if there is a special variety you want that you don't see on the list - just email us and we'll do our best to get it for you. Last order date for vegetable plugs is the 1st of March.
Mint Leaves
Iceberg Lettuce
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