Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera


Everyone loves an Aloe Vera plant! Not only are they useful for cleansing the air and tending to burns, scrapes and skin irritations, they make lovely gifts-that-keep-giving and require next to no maintenance either. 


Water your aloe once a week by saturating the soil and allowing it to drain thoroughly and dry out completely between waterings. Over the winter months water less frequently and ensure your plant is in a place that maintains a temperature no lower than 15C. If your plant is near a radiator, be sure to keep an eye on it and water it a little more frequently if it starts to darken and turn brown. But it's always safer to water less often than too much to avoid root rot.


Position in a bright spot that gets regular sunshine for part of the day. 

Newly repotted plants supplied in plastic nursery pots with decorative gravel top dressing. Established plants supplied in antique terracotta pots with decorative gravel top dressing.