Pot My Hanging Basket  (Potting Service)

Pot My Hanging Basket (Potting Service)

Have a hanging basket or two that needs refreshing, but don't want to pot it up yourself? We got you ;) 


Choose your basket size, click add to cart, and then choose the plants you want in it. Simples :) We recommend 4-6 plants for the average summer basket in the sizes we offer. You could choose a 6cell tray of one type, or you could choose a few 9cm pots, whatever you like.


If you would rather a pre-planted tub or basket, please see the other listings in the shop :)


This is a service - the cost is for the fresh soil used to refill the hanging basket and for planting it up - the cost does not include a hanging basket. If you need a hanging basket as well, please add one to the cart along with this so we can be sure to supply you with that :) If you have more than 1 basket you will need to change the quantity before adding this service to your cart.