Saffron Crocus - Crocus Sativus

Saffron Crocus - Crocus Sativus

Saffron is worth more per gram than gold, so why not grow your own?! Flowering October / November, these crocus plants produce large lilac flowers that form just 3 stigmas each - hence why it's so expensive to buy. Carefully pluck the stigmas from each bloom and dry in a warm dark place on some clean kitchen towel, before transferring to a clean dry glass container.


Saffron crocus naturalises well and can be grown in containers, borders or planted in the grass as with spring flowering crocus varieties. They are also great for planting beneath deciduous trees or in the rockery garden. If grown in the lawn, do not cut grass until the leaves have died back. 


Plant in full sun in gritty, well draining soil.   


Height & Spread: 15 x 5cm

6 cell tray supplied