We are so excited about the possibilities for Ystwyth CGC! Here's a list of some of our proposed additions, and we are always happy to have a spare pair of helping hands - so if you think you could be of help with any of our projects, click the button to find out more and see how you can get involved.


If there is no button yet, it means it's on the cards but we've not got it all figured out just yet - but that doesn't mean you can't email us with your brilliant ideas about it anyway!

The Pooh Hut

Let's get real for a sec and admit that when nature calls and you are not close to a loo, it's not a great situation to be in, right? And as for our location, well... it's a little out of the way, shall we say.


So, first order of business (pun not intended, honest) is to build a small building with 2 disabled-and-baby-friendly toilet cubicles. 

We plan to use a less common method of building it, called earthbag building - essentially dirt-filled bags that are then covered with an insulating render of some description...

The Views
Tea Room / Shop / Workshop

Inspired by the stunning views of the mountains behind the land, this is an ambitious project employing the same building principles as The Pooh Hut, but on a much larger scale. To the right of the entryway to the Garden Centre is a large area with a fairly high mound that we plan to even out and build on top of.

This will provide space for a tea room (with big windows to exploit the view!), a shop area which will be dedicated to local crafts and products as well as a few everyday essentials (pooh paper, anyone?) and also a large function area for workshops, indoor markets, and for hire by the local community.

After all, if you're going to make the trip to come and see us, why not be able to make a day of it?

Children's Play Area

And while we're on the topic, it wouldn't be much fun for the kids (or Mum & Dad) if there weren't at least some swings and a slide for the little monkeys, now would it? Mum always takes aaages to look round the shop!

Using locally sourced timber and the highest quality fixings, we'd like to put in a swing set, slide, and small climbing frame strong enough for even older kids - we have a few big monkeys ourselves, so we know how it is!