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Ystwyth RC Track

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Radio Control Race Way

What Classes Do we run

1:10 Electric 4WD Buggy

1:10 Electric 2WD Offroad

1:10 Electric 2WD Buggy

1:10 Electric Stadium Truck

1:10 Electric Short Course Truck      

1:10 Electric Short Course

1:10 540 Class Beginners

1:10 tuned Class

1:10 Unlimited class


The Tracks Story

We have built a RC race Track here at the nursery the kids and i are petrol heads. i grew up racing, building, selling, RC cars and my kids love it as well but it has always been a quick bash when we remember to charge the battery's or we are not to busy. this year we decided to build a track for the fun of it it has been in planning for a number of years but with the increasing interest the hobby seems a good time to start some thing fun and new. 

one thing that got us going with plans, was a new group on Facebook and we wonted to help out and also offer the track to any one that loves the sport but douse not know where to start or has a car and has nowhere to run it with others, other than in the garden and destroying there parents grass and plants, that was me as a kid having friends over and wrecking garden.

Here we hope every one can have fun and enjoy the hobby as much as we do and other hobbyists and get a chance to race with others and friends.

Pop down have a go bring a friend 

the Page is a bit busy we are working on its own home 

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