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Our website is currently being dug over to create space

to plant up all our new idea-sprouts!

We are OPEN as normal in the nursery - to see our opening times please click on

Contact Us (where you can find a map to us as well :)

What's Growing On?


Since we are all free to move around more freely, we have noticed that our webshop is no longer in demand and so we are removing it for the time being. This will be replaced by a bi-annual catalogue which will give you a guide to what we're growing for the bedding seasons (summer and winter) and you can of course get in touch to enquire about any plants you are specifically looking for.

Market Garden

Paul has grown lots of lovely produce which is starting to come available now! For summer strawberries, fresh-cut greens and herbs and other tasty veg, all organically grown without even "organic" pesticides or controls, pop in to see what's available if you're local, or for up-to-the-minute updates on availability, join our Facebook group! Our prices are low, the produce is cut fresh on request and you have the peace of mind that the only carbon footprint your purchase has is the short trip you've made to come see us!

Farm Shop Building.jpg

Farm Shop & Tea Room Project

This year (and indeed the past 3 years) has really taught us a lot about food security. Here at Ystwyth Garden Nursery we have gotten quite passionate about the idea of putting in a REAL farm shop - one where only locally produced fruit, veg, meat, milk, cheese, baked goods, jams and other foods are sold at realistic and affordable prices. We are surrounded by many talented producers and home growers, and we think it's high time we all take this "shop local" thing a bit more seriously and put our money where our mouth is!

We are currently looking into funding for this rather ambitious project. If you would like to see this move forward, want more information or would to donate (either time, money or building resources) towards it, please click here. Every bit helps!

In the meantime, we are putting our tea bar back into the poly tunnel and a couple of tables on the grass for you to come and grab a cuppa and watch us work ;p (unless, you know, you fancy getting your hands dirty...) All income from the tea bar will go towards this project.

We are also looking into setting up a Farmer's Market to guage how well this project would work and be supported "on the ground" before we go ahead and put in an expensive building - so if you, or someone you know, produces goods of any kind and would like the opportunity to sell at a regular market, please join our Stallholders Facebook Group here and we'll post in there as soon as we're ready to set the first one up!

Cut Flower Garden

As part of our ongoing desire to help our pollinator friends and bring greater biodiversity onto the land to manage our usual pesky pests, we have decided to start a flower-garden with the idea of having blooms at all times of year to feed our buzzy friends. The next logical step from that was to sell the flowers produced - after all, to keep them blooming they'll need constant dead-heading!

We are starting prep work now for our first batch of biennials to grow for the   late-winter / early spring time, so watch this space... ;)

About Us

Ystwyth GCN is a young, family-run nursery nestled into the beautiful Welsh Cambrian mountains.


Our ethos is simple: organically grow a business with the whole community in mind. 

Read more about us here.

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