Ystwyth Garden Nursery (originally Sky's Garden Nursery) was founded by Nathan Coates, who built the nursery from scratch with a little help from his friends. He was also the guy responsible for the mysterious night-time veg deliveries in Pontrhydfendigaid! When he and his partner decided to return to Sunny Spain, the landowner; Adam from Cambrian Trees; put it up for sale. 

At that exact moment in time, we were looking to start a new life in Wales. We already knew that we wanted enough land to create a business (we weren't sure what it would be yet) and way of life that would allow us to be off the grid, and as far as possible, self-sufficient. When we found the listing for the land and nursery in July of 2018, it just clicked and we knew we wanted it. 

A trip up to see the land confirmed what we thought: it was everything we could have imagined and so much more. You can read about that fateful trip (and more about us as a family) on Tam's blog here. And the rest, as they say, is history :)

Our Vision

Our main focus is to grow Ystywth Garden Centre & Nursery into something that benefits the whole community and economy, as well as Mother Earth Herself. Everything we do is based on the Triple Bottom Line 3 over-arching principles - People, Planet and Profits - to ensure a sustainable future for us all.


Inspired by the land, the wonderful people here, and the exciting potential for the business, we've come up with a few ideas we hope will provide more of what the people want and need, while serving the growing sustainability movement as well.

Our entire site is off-grid and aside from the stock we order in and have delivered, our carbon footprint is very small. We plan to keep it that way and improve on it wherever possible. That means sourcing locally wherever we can and providing products that are organic and/or eco-friendly.

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Meet The Team


Tamaryn Johnson​


Tam is a hippy through-and-through (though NOT a veggie or vegan lol)


In her spare time you'll find her crocheting, making herbal conconctions like soap, cream and her own medicinal teas, practising reiki on the dog and feng-shuing her home. She also runs a blog focusing on women's empowerment, spirituality, natural health and the Law of Attraction.


Paul Johnson (and oldest son Ethan)


Paul is the one with all the technical and engineering skills to allow YGCN to operate entirely off-grid. He is also very into growing veg and is very reluctant to sell the acers we have in stock because they are a favourite of his. His current projects involve growing microgreens and getting the site ready for our next big poly tunnel.

Ethan takes right after his dad and is often knee-deep with him in the work to be done on site. He's also very good at avoiding the work Tam gives him to do.