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Photo Credit - Naomi Campbell Photography

A humble little patch of land in the mountains. A poly tunnel, a big vision and

lot of a hard-graft. That's the foundation of our little Nursery... 

When we took over the business in November 2018 we had no idea what we were in for (or what we were doing) but we knew that no matter what, we would make it work. It was a long-held dream of ours to live off the grid, become more self-sufficient and have a land-based business that would allow us to live a life of genuine freedom, and that's exactly what we found right here.

We are a family-run business, operating truly organically (with no pesticides at all, even "organic" varieties) and growing most of our plants from seed (without heat). It's a labour of love without a doubt, but a lifestyle and vocation that is deeply fulfilling and satisfying, as any keen gardener will tell you!

The climate here necessitates that plants are hardy and grown in a way that ensures they'll survive in their destined environment - we pride ourselves on being able to supply plants that are grown right here in the mountains and that perform well in our customers gardens! We specialise in growing and supplying unusual hardy bedding plants, as well as perennials and shrubs that are well-suited to our climate.

And if we don't have something in stock, we can get it from one of our excellent and trusted suppliers. The fact that we have long-standing regular customers who visit us consistently throughout the year, choose us over more "convenient" suppliers, and many of whom have become wonderful friends, tells us that we must be doing something right :)

Everything we do here at Ystwyth Garden Nursery is for the benefit of the wider community and the ecology of the land we own - it sustains us, and we look after it, as it should be. From the insects we allow and welcome in respect for natural order, to the rain water we collect to water the plants, everything is purposeful and everything has a purpose. As it was always meant to be.

Our Vision

Our main focus is to grow Ystywth Garden Nursery into something that benefits the whole community and economy, as well as Mother Earth Herself. Everything we do is based on the Triple Bottom Line over-arching principles - People, Planet and Profits - to ensure a sustainable future for us all.


Inspired by the land, the wonderful people here, and the exciting potential for the business, we've come up with a few ideas we hope will provide more of what the people want and need, while serving the growing sustainability movement as well.

Our entire site is off-grid and aside from the stock we order in (and inevitable trips out for compost...) our carbon footprint is very small.

We plan to keep it that way and improve on it wherever possible.

Please sign up to our occasional newsletter to get updates on all the growings-on, as well as offers and notifications of other exciting developments :D

Meet The Team


Tamaryn Johnson​


Tam is a hippy through-and-through (though NOT a veggie or vegan lol)


In her spare time you'll find her crocheting, making herbal conconctions like soap, cream and her own medicinal teas, practising reiki on the dog and feng-shuing her home. She also owns a blog focusing on women's empowerment, spirituality, natural health and the Law of Attraction.


Paul Johnson (and oldest son Ethan)


Paul is the one with all the technical and engineering skills to allow YGN to operate entirely off-grid. He is also very into growing veg and is very reluctant to sell the acers we have in stock because they are a favourite of his. His current projects involve growing microgreens, hydroponics and getting the site ready for our next big poly tunnel.

Ethan takes right after his dad and is often knee-deep with him in the work to be done on site. He's getting into tree surgery, loves his long walks up the mountains and is looking forward to learning to drive!




Mr. Helpful should be his name... no matter what the job to be done, Leon is willing to lend a hand (or bring us cups of tea). He's our little geek and loves computer games, though the hound and kitten get plenty of his love too :)




The smart-cookie who has a sharp wit, a keen eye for detail and a very artistic flair, Leela is currently helping Tam with plans for the Flower Garden. She loves reading and playing Minecraft, and playing pranks on Ethan!




Our lovable pooch who would give absolutely anything to be our Official Greetings Person if we'd let her. She is the dopiest dog on the planet with selective hearing and a magic ability to sense when food has been dropped on the floor.




The newest addition to the family, Ripley came to us as a tiny stray kitten in October 2021. Her nick-name is "Murder Mitts" and she is making up for all the scars inflicted before she felt she could trust us by taking good care of our mouse-in-the-poly problem!

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Photo Credit - Naomi Campbell Photography

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