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A new season is around the Corner!

With the start of a new season looming on the horizon, it is not my favored time of year where i have to sit planning what to grow and when but its not just that

Its the planning the growing, its every thing from what pots and the layout of the poly.

not to mention the veg garden, what to grow when and how much but this is kinda my down fall i don't normally work to a plan.

Tam how ever always has a plan never the same as mine as mine is all over the place and some time it douse work out and other times, hay you throw all the seeds in and you get results and some time all the results, so what do you do on that susses. crack a beer with a smug grin i hope and use that line "i told you so" which the reply you get is you were lucky and i suppose gardening is a lot like that luck as is most things in life.

this year i have planed the usual bedding that every one loves and upped the anti a bit as we normal hold about 15000 bedding plants but we always run out so lets add another 5000 and the perennials i have 80+ verities this amounts to about another 3000 plants as well as all the others i may add in.

that being said there is a lot to do from now and until February when the soil hits the trays. there are 2 projects on the go at the moment, one is the main poly and a rearrange

as well as a tidy, yep i know i am not one for tidying as i go i leave a wake of destruction, tam will vouch for me on this one.

the other is a tea room / Seating area.. we have been trying to work this one in for some time but one wet October morning it hit me just use the container its siting there doing nothing, well getting rained on at the moment. So nothing fancy other than out side seating and a serving hatch for teas and coffees as well as cake and who knows, grater things.

oh and the 3rd, yes there is all ways a third one that is an ongoing project the veg garden we have been moving up the top for a pick your own this was something we had requested a lot for a pick your own patch so this will be up and running April time hope fully.

i hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful new year

from myself and tam and the kids and cats and kiwi

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