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Wholesale Perennials - 2024 Availability

Perennials are a big part of our gardens. there are not meany welsh producers of whole sale  perennial this is where we would like to fill the gap. 

we have produces bedding from retail for meany years and looking to grow our business as all small business do. 

specking to other retailers there is a market for locally grown plants wales mainly as three are not they meany producers of perennials. this is where we fit in we wont to help welsh business be there best lower there costs and grow there suppliers and stock.

if you would like to stock Ystwyth Perennials 

Get in contact, drop us an email

About Us

Ystwyth GCN is a young, family-run nursery nestled into the beautiful Welsh Cambrian mountains.


Our ethos is simple: organically grow a business with the whole community in mind. 

Read more about us here.

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