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Pumping / Bulk Growing

Halloween is an exciting time of year for us and we love to grow Pumpkins Plugs.


However, we don't sell them here, which is great for us as we just love growing them.  We grow them for our local farms to grow on and sell during the Halloween holidays.


We started by growing pumpkins for our Cambrian trees, starting with 1500 plugs and about 15 different verity's in 2022,


2023 we growing to 2000 Pumping plugs. The Cambrian trees love them! and so do there customers.

We are now opening up to growing for others Pumpkin patches of all sizes. If you would like us grow your plugs, please send us an email about.


2023 seeding starts March time. orders at the latest February. we are happy for you to provide the seeds or we can supply.


From as low as £0.20p each per plug minimum order  1000 plugs,


If you would like us to provide seeds pricing may differ


We Grow other stuff to

We can grow to order on other plants as well drop us an email to find out more

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