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Ystwyth RC Track

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Radio Control Race Way

Welcome to Ystwyth Radio Control Race Track

We have a built a Rc race Track here at the nursery 

The current track is a 75 foot 6 foot wide grass track Resembles

Brands Hatches Indi Circuit  (far to much time as a kid spent there )

But we have bigger plans, 

We have space of 110 foot by 60 foot for our second track 

this is what we hope to build over the winter and in to the new year ready for spring, fingers crossed.

as well as an off road crawler track over the summer


Free Days 

Bring a car / free to use 


 3 pm to 7 pm

more information

Opening Times

from 30 Aug

Saturday 10 to 6
Sunday 10 to 5

Hope is to open more often and longer hours


or pop up with in normal 

opening times 

Friday to Monday 

Pricing, building a track takes tie and funding 

We have used pocket money prices so its kid friendly for big and small kids 


Grass Track Sessions 

2 hours £2.50, group of 5 £ 10
4 hours £5.00, group 5 £20
Day £8.00, Group of 5 £ 32

All the entrance fees go to building the main track toilets and infrastructure and maintenance of the tracks as a permanent addition. 


Full Track, Sessions access to all tracks 2023 - 2024 opening 
2 hors £3.50 group of 5 £ 14
4 hors £6.00 group 5 £24
Day £12.00 Group of 5 £ 48
Charging £2 per charge
Charging £6 for 4 charges

Extra on normal pricing
1/10 £00
1/8 £1
Nitron cars £2


EventsWill follow 2023 - 24

20.4 muinits of le man practice, qualifying, race Race

Sunday practice, qualifying, 

mini monster jam


Swap and shop get to gethers Just some good old fun for unexpected and pros


membership £40 for the year

Fill access to all tracks apart from Race days, Events

2 Free Charges Per session

work Space to tinker

member only race days 

Pitch up as long as you like 

This is not Currently available 

Road/Track map

Grass track 2023 Open 

Main track 2023 to 24 

Rent-able cars are available 

Charging Live 2024

timings in development

Crawler track - 2024

Drift track - in planning 

Drag strip yep optimistic nice to have 

Track 2 

Current voted for track

The Tracks Story


We have built a RC race Track here at the nursery the kids and i are petrol heads. i grew up racing, building, selling, RC cars and my kids love it as well but it has always been a quick bash when we remember to charge the battery's or we are not to busy. this year we decided to build a track for the fun of it it has been in planning for a number of years but with the increasing interest the hobby seems a good time to start some thing fun and new. 

one thing that got us going with plans, was a new group on Facebook and we wonted to help out and also offer the track to any one that loves the sport but douse not know where to start or has a car and has nowhere to run it with others, other than in the garden and destroying there parents grass and plants, that was me as a kid having friends over and wrecking garden.

Here we hope every one can have fun and enjoy the hobby as much as we do and other hobbyists and get a chance to race with others and friends.

Pop down have a go bring a friend 

the Page is a bit busy we are working on its own home 

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